Thursday, 29 July 2010

Local Historian, Signmaker and restorer Duncan Armstrong preparing the finger post sign at the junction of Guide Lane and Stump Hall Road. The sign is post 1930 and so will be black and white when it's finished. It will be a much appreciated improvement.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Height Top Farm
Taken lots of photographs of the two little owls and just managed to get one of them both.
The smaller of the two is lighter in colour and sitting on the post on the left.

Friday, 9 July 2010

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On Sunday we called at Forrest Hills to look at the amazing resource centre. It is a while since we were last there and so it was good to see how thing have progressed. Colin was working away but took time out to show us around. The roof is on, some of the window frames are in and it's generally coming on. There is so much timber work and the shapes are outstanding. We're really looking forward to when it will be finished but know that however long it takes it's definately going to worth the wait.
Being there, reminded me that our vegetable garden is doing very well, although on a small scale. It is our first attempt at growing but we haven't bought any vegetables for weeks and it's lovely to go and decide what to dig up and cook immediately.

The little owl has a friend! This morning I saw two little owls both sitting on the fence posts.
I got very close to them and had both in focus when the lense closed on my camera and one of them flew off. I'll keep trying to get them both together.

Height Top Farm
A few of the wild and meadow flower seeds have survived the birds and certainly brighten up the stone wall. Next year hopefully we will have a better display.